Sunday, October 18, 2009

Blog Has Moved!

My new website is check it out its way more fun and hilarious! LOL XXXO


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Next Magazine:-)

A few weeks ago I did a photoshoot with Lady Fag of NYC.
The shoot was used to promote Hustlaball. Which was amazing
(post coming soon)
 So here is a few pics that werent released that I think are hott.
 Im loving the chest hair now, thanks Howard:) LOL!


Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I am so glad that I have been the stalkee of someone in this industry for like a year an a half. Taking pictures from when I was 15/16 years old from my personal myspace, and saying that they were released to you from someone that I never talk to, making up lies because they can never find any bad things about me and then writing about them, I am just waiting for something that pushes me over the edge, and honestly, I am getting pretty close. There is a pic of me and my cousins on this persons site and my Aunt is extremely pissed that a picture of her 14 y/o daughter is on a ‘gay porn site.’ All I am saying is get your shit straight or things will be taken to the REAL next level, im tired of being nice about everything when everything you say is a lie!!!  Take this and chew it on whichever side you enjoy the most;) Love,

Sunday, October 4, 2009

My Interview with Unzipped

Jason Pitt speaks!

Finally! Jason Pitt, a true Southern Gentleman, talks exclusively to Unzipped about his break-up, his stalker, his car accident, his career, his massages, and his hair.
The Falcon, Jet Set, Buckshot, and Cocky Boys model has had a wild, life-changing year and there's a lot to cover, so let's just get to it...

Unzipped: So I saw that you, or someone pretending to be you, left a really weird comment on some website, under the screen name “The Pitt Of Jason.” Is that you?

Jason Pitt: Yeah I saw that, and no, that’s not me. I don’t even know what that website is. This started a few months ago when this guy named Damon Kruezer started impersonating me. He created a website using my name, too.

UZ: Have you ever met him? Why is he so insane?

JP: No, I’ve never met Damon Kruezer. After my first movie, the studio set up an e-mail interview between he and I, and ever since he’s been like obsessed with me. Blogging about me, Twittering, it’s been nonstop, especially since MJ Taylor and I broke up.

UZ: Creepy. Do you want to talk about the break-up? Or is it too soon?

JP: I wrote it all out on my blog, and I encourage people to read that. We were just two completely different people; it’s hard to explain. But, we are on good terms.

UZ: Now that you’re not with him in Ohio, what are you up to?

JP: Just doing lots of events, dancing, and I’m of course available for films and scenes. Also, I’ve got “Jason Pitt’s Night Out” coming up. It’s gonna be a Rent Boy event, and I’ll be there dancing and promoting.

UZ: So what’s it like being a Rent Boy?

JP: Well, I only do massages, so it’s been great.

UZ: Really?

JP: Yes, really! Only massages.

UZ: It must be really hard for guys to book you for just a massage and not be able to have sex with you. I mean…

JP: There has been some confusion, explaining it to clients. I clarify it all before I get there. But everyone seems to love my massages, so it works out well. Most of my clients are fans, and they just love to talk, hang out, and get the inside details on the industry. Of course they want more, but really, it’s just a massage.

UZ: OK. How much does a Jason Pitt massage cost?

JP: It’s $300 an hour.

UZ: What is the latest on your hair?

JP: I just went to a really good salon. I’m going for a new image. I got a lot chopped off, had a little bit of black put in. It’s Japanese inspired. I’m also working to get more buff and change my body.

UZ: Is this transformation inspired by the break-up with MJ?

JP: Not really. I’m just tired of being known as the twink porn star. But I’m still gonna be the Southern Sweetheart.

UZ: Good to hear. Tell me about your car accident. I know you’ve had a long recovery.

JP: Yeah, the car accident happened before I started porn, and I’m still going to need more surgeries. They’re talking about doing skin grafts. It’s been difficult.

UZ: I can’t even imagine. Especially when you’re in a business where it’s all about your physical appearance. How have you coped with this?

JP: Right now, my right eye won’t close, so when I’m working on a movie we have to shoot from certain angles to make it look like my eye actually closes. ½ of the eyebrow is gone, too.

UZ: That’s crazy. I’ve seen your movies, and you can’t even tell.

JP: It hasn’t been easy. Some people have been all ‘Oh my God, did you get into a fight?’ Other people were commenting on my blog, asking questions. I got tired of it, so I decided to share the story. It helped my self-esteem hearing from fans and having their support.

UZ: A lot of porn stars keep getting in fights on Twitter, or porn star boyfriends will make their relationship drama public, but you don’t. What’s your secret to being so low key and drama-free?

JP: Porn is a job, and I just try to be professional. Yeah, I’ll share stories, but my private life is my private life. I’m not gonna tweet about a fight I had with my boyfriend. I just graduated high school not too long ago, so I know how to stay out of drama.

UZ: That’s right. You’re 19. But you’re in clubs and at events all the time. Do they let you drink, or?

JP: I have never touched alcohol. I hate everything about it. Two things I don’t do: Alcohol and bareback.

UZ: You’re from the South. Georgia, right? Does you family know about your career?

JP: Yes! I came out to my mom in a big way. I told her that I did porn, and then I handed her my Hookie Award for Best Escort. She put it in the living room. She’s very supportive and is totally fine with it.

UZ: Oh my god. Has she seen any of your work?

JP: No, but she does have my Freshmen magazine cover hanging up in the house, so she’s seen that.

UZ: That's amazing. Thanks for taking the time to talk, Jason. You’re an inspiration to a lot of guys, and we wish you continued success. Anything you want to say to fans?

JP: Just thank you again for all the support. And go to my blog! I update it all the time:)

I Love Porn Party iin Chicago:)

I went to chicago where I caught the worst cold, I feel AWFUL! The party was amazing I had a great time with Amanda Brandt, Luke Marcum, Jayden Grey, Cody Kyler, and Christopher Woods. The party got soo dirty, were at Spin in Chicago on Friday and Saturday, and then Club Icon in Kenosha, WI on Sunday.

I got to experience the Mirrored bean or whatever it's called, it was way cool.

There was a lot of inspring art there and I would definitely go back, IN THE SUMMER! I have probaly sniffled like 200 times since I started this entry:)

The last day of the party we piled into the hot tub and relaxed and did a vid for everyone.