Tuesday, August 18, 2009

NOT FUNNY!!! At All!

My entire life I have been completely terrified of heights and the other day, MJ took me too the local fair. Some of the games were fun and the funnel cake was amazing, but MJ talked me into riding some rides. So we got on this thingy that slowly brought us up about 300 feet and then, without any warning, threw me towards the ground. When we stopped at the bottom I felt like I lost my ass cherry all over again. I will never ever ever free fall again. NEVER!!!

Who said that Ferris Wheels were romantic? They were DEAD wrong. I got on that thing, calm at first, then, well just watch the video. Once again, I am TERRIFIED of heights. J

Friday, August 14, 2009

Gotta love it!


Gahh I love this pic:)

MJ and I went golfing the other day and it turns out that he has never golfed before. I snagged a video of his first few swings at the ball, who'd have thought that he is such an amazing golfer. :)

We have been spending all summer in Ohio, enjoying the country, loving the cows, and most of all, growing as a couple. My favorite thing to do here is to go to the drive-in and see a couple of movies, and because we are so far out in the country, there aint a lot of people in the lot. ;)

My lasy movie, Dripping Wet 2: Falcon studios,is getting some great reviews. On the set of this movie we did an 'undie swap' which turned out pretty cool. Check out the undie swap at:


Okie dokie, so onto the meaty news, I have a secret that I think its time for everyone to know. So here’s the story. October 12th, 2007 I was in a very bad car accident that changed my life completely. The car that I was in was going about 60 miles an hour down a dirt road when, as I’m told, an animal jumped out in front of the car. The driver swerved to miss the animal and plowed into a tree. My seatbelt broke during impact and my airbag didn’t deploy. I was sent through the windshield face first into the tree that we plowed. I was life-flighted to Atlanta Medical Center with a few broken bones and no skin on my forehead and the top part of my right cheek. I’ve been going through almost 2 years of recovery and surgery all while pursuing my career in adult film. I still have a few scars on my forehead and my eyelid had to be completely rebuilt.
I am so tired of hiding my scars when I am actually proud of them. I have the best supporter in the world, Mj Taylor. We chose our wedding date primarily because of this. October 12th is the day that I flatlined and it just seems like this is the day of rebirth and the start of something new. So here is my scars, hope you like em, LOL!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Always and Forever:)


So we've been spending a lot of time in Ohio,

There is a LOT of country here,

It's Beautiful.

I love it.

Check out our myspace's:

myspace.com/jasonpitt23 and



This picure is one of the oldest pictures that I have of me

and my friends from back in high school.

Ive known them forever and they are just like family if not closer.

Just thought that I'd throw that out there:)