Sunday, May 31, 2009


So this is a bit of an update because of my delay in blogging.

I havent blogged in a while because things have been soo crazy and soo many things have happened so I am going to take a few things from Matthew Conaster at because he has been following Mj and I for a while now. Thanks for all of the positive feedback from all and especially from

Just recently Mj and I were protesting in Atlanta which happened to be the biggest protest in Atlanta in the last decade.

*Posted by Matthew Conaster:

"California’s highest court upheld a voter-approved ban on same-sex marriages Tuesday but allowed about 18,000 unions performed before the ban to remain valid. Following the ruling, supporters of same-sex marriage took to the streets to protest. Across the country protests and gatherings took place. Here is our friends, MJ Taylor and Jason Pitt in downtown Atlanta earlier this evening."

So the REAL big news is that Mj and I tying the knot in October. Here is some of the story thanks to Matthew again at

"The two lovebirds. MJ Taylor and Jason Pitt have been traveling all over the country as of late performing in a number of shows and simply just dancing the nights away. I always thought the honeymoon came after the wedding but not in the case of these two."

And this is completely true, we have been traveling a lot but we finally took some time to ourselves and settled down for a bit in Atlanta.

Edge Radio Show

On May 13, I did an interview for Edge Radio and it went quite well. you can check it out at

This is completely sweet, thanks Matthew

Posting by Matthew Conaster @ gorgeousboys!

It now looks like something positive happened at the Gayvn Awards after all. Last weekend while I was on vacation my side-kick Travis got an email from MJ Taylor who said he was here in Atlanta. Travis was confused and thought MJ was in Las Vegas and wrote him back for further “clarification” - anyways MJ replied back to Travis and said he flew into Atlanta to meet up with his new boyfriend whom he has recently “fell for at the gayVN”. As you can imagine the mere mention of the word “boyfriend” caused Travis to 86 the email by forwarding it over to my mailbox. Now the email is over a week old and I had to follow-up about this “new boyfriend” story. And guess what I discovered ?
It seems Spring isn’t the only thing in the air. MJ Taylor and Jason Pitt commit their vows by getting matching tattoos. Ain’t that sweet ? Both of the boys are Just One Hot Minute favorites and recently both have been featured in many articles we have posted. But never together, until now. Is this a coincidence or what ? Maybe Just One Hot Minute has now taken on the role of being cupid … but wait ain’t we a matchmaking service at BoyShout anyways ?
Congratulations you two love birds!

Thanks Guys!