Thursday, July 2, 2009

Orlando to Fort Lauderdale

It's almost the fourth of July and a lot has happened since I last blogged. There were a few problems that I came across but managed to get through them. One of the first things are how ‘someone’ took my domain name, and created a new blog, pretending to be me and saying some pretty odd things. Its just really funny, I don’t get why ‘someone’ would go through the trouble of taking my domain and setting up a new blog with one post while masking themselves as me. But ill just CRUISE right through this because its done and over with LOL.
Gay Days, WOWIE. What a wee bit odd weekend. So I get to Florida so MJ can do his signing for a company in Orlando at the Parliament house and little did I know that it was BEAR-Y crazy place to be. There was food and drinks and drugs and sex and drag and smells and stains and broken toilets. Its was a wild ass weekend. Initially I went to Florida to do my 2 night appearance at boardwalk but Mj and I flew there early for his signing. I mean, don’t get me wrong, some of the drag shows were amazing but the best part was pulling out of that parking lot to go to Fort Lauderdale. It was really cool seeing Brandon Baker there and hanging with him, Fierce!
So we leave the Parliament House and head to fort Lauderdale, I slept for most of the ride, but MJ woke me up when he stopped at a truck stop on the turnpike to get something to drink and you’ll never guess who we ran across just chillin the store… Chris Brown. We walked into the store to get a red bull and I’m like still half asleep, and Mj looked over at me and is like “dude, look its Chris Brown” and me being out of it I totally disregarded the fact that we were standing like 3 feet from him. It was a pretty cool experience, I guess. LOL
We make it to fort Lauderdale and went to Boardwalk and did a couple of dances, signed some magazines, met some cool people. I came back on Saturday to do it all over again it was still pretty fun but ill tell you something, some of those regular dancers there I guess have never been introduced to the word hospitality. Overall it was a very fun and different experience with me and my fiancé, MJ Taylor. As of right now me and MJ are taking a small vacation and visiting family and friends.

So remember I was in San Francisco shooting for (Buckshot Colt Studios) Well I just found out the other day that I got the cover of that movie! Buckshot's "Curious."
Its a great setting and an awesome cast and crew. It was cool chopping off all my hair for a movie, now its back to normal again. Not only a few days after Mj discovered that he got the cover of his Falcon movie "Jocks Vol.10 Road-trip Las Vegas"

Back when we were in Atlanta, Mj and I did a photoshoot at an old abandoned prison. the pictures turned out absolutely amazing. We had several settings from dirty and nasty in a cell, to colorful and meaningful. Here are a couple but you can see more at