Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Buckshot Shoot

 I flew to California to do a shoot with Buckshot…. 
They asked me to cut my hair by the way and I did!!! 
It looks a LOT better.
 It was GREAT, I absolutely adore everyone on that staff.
 I really enjoyed the company of the make-up artist, Christian Cruz, FIERCE! 
Also, the Director who is nominated for a GayVN this year, Kristopher Weston, who, as well as many others, showed me a great deal of respect and friendship.
 One thing that I do not get about SF is how people can go there and walk around and be apathetic to the fact that people are starving for food and shelter.
 I mean come on, people can at least spare a few pennies or a candy bar or something. 
If we all worked together, just a little,  then the world and even your life would become a lot better, I just had to get that out.
 So anyway, the shoot went great, the trip was amazing, and the people were fantastic! 
I cant wait until I work with them again…