Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Black Party

I decided to stay in NYC a little longer so that I could experience the life of the BLACK party and there is only one word to explain it, FIERCE!!!
 I have never seen anything like that.
 Sex everywhere, snakes on the tables, live shows, big ass dance floor, slings, massages, VIP, Leather, DADDIES, I could go on all night.  
It was a very interesting night.
 At some points, I left the VIP to go explore, and might I say, that was some HOT ass shit!

 I stayed until 11:15 the next day and afterwards I went to catch some breakfast with Brandon Baker. MMMMMM eggs! 

After breakfast, I got SOOOO lost in NYC it was not even funny.
 I didn’t bring my wallet with me so I didn’t have that much cash on me.
 I caught the subway to ‘try’ and get back to my hotel and I ended up even farther than I already was from where I needed to be.
 So, without any sleep, and a full belly, I walked for 2 ½ hours straight trying to listen to the directions that people were sharing with me to get me back. 
It was so exhausting  and the freezing cold weather did NOT help at all!
 Overall, my trip to fucking Antarctica (nyc) was great. 
Maybe Ill go back and maybe I wont.
 We will know soon enough. 
Good Night!!!
 Im fixin to go and get some supper! Yummmy