Monday, March 9, 2009

ClubJasonPitt I

So lately everything has been CRAZY fun. My website just launched and Ive had TONS of comments about it. I would like to say thanks to everyone that has spent time making things work well for me and I will definitely be attending the GAYVN awards this year. Its going to be a great time. I soo look forward to seeing MJ Taylor and a whole bunch of others at the awards. :)

I have worked with Cockyboys,
And Suite703,
Been on the cover of Freshen,

and PlayGuy!

I woke up this morning and, while totally exhausted from a long day yesterday, I shot a scene for my new line off of Jason Sparks Entertainment. It went really well and you will be able to see it whenever my first DVD comes out. Afterwards, I went and did a demonstration video for Fort Troff and it also went very good. Very fun working with Louis. Great Guy!!! When I finished with everything that I needed to do today I went to a outwrite, a coffee shop with a GREAT relaxing atmosphere, here in Atlanta and seen that they had Playguy magazine and they asked me to sign every copy that they had. I’m not really sure how to start this blog but its mainly goin to be about me and my career. My name is Jason Pitt if you don’t already know this. I am a porn star/model. The past few months have been amazing to me and the experiences that I’ve been through have been exhausting as well as rewarding. I have worked Jetsetmen, Cockyboys, and Suite703. I’ve been on the cover of Freshmen and Playguy magazines. Just recently I discovered that I have great ambition to pursue my career within this industry. Jason Sparks, from Jason Sparks Entertainment, and I are now working on my very own website with scenes and footage that can only bee seen through is my website that portrays the life of me and my new line of scenes, pictures and bonus footage. Its GREAT. I have been working with Jason Sparks for about three weeks now and he is an amazing guy. He has a great collection of things on his website at

I am nominated for the Hookie award for best newcomer. I am excited about that.
On a more serious note, I have just recently came out to my family and friends. Surprisingly, they took it better than I thought that they would. Its been a rough time, dealing with the fact that I haven’t been true to myself and the people that are close to me but now that I’ve told them I am relived 4000 percent. I love what I do for a living and I love the fact that no matter what I do I will have my fans and my friends there to back me up. Its an amazing feeling when you know that someone is always ther e for you to fall back on. Thanks!
Welcome to my new blog!!! XOXO


Inspector13 said...

the only thing from damon i have found on this site is from damon himself and an icon up at the top for a follower.

damon has a statement that he claims to be authored by this boy on his nightmare site.

i don't think this kid wrote it.

i think he is just damons latest fake fixation.

there is nothing in regards to damon on this blog from this kid.

jason needs to go to the technicolor nightmate and see the stuff he wrote about that dead kid. all of which is lies. does jason know that damon was great and good friends with heath ledger and often gave him council on his sexuality and career?