Friday, September 11, 2009

Escort, Escorted... OUT!

The Escort Files #001
New York, NY
Escort being escorted… out!

About a week ago I get a call from this client
that wanted to book a 2 hour massage appointment,
I take the appointment and get to his condo.
He seemed like a pretty nice person but when the
end of the session came about he started to get
quiet and a little nervous.
The end approached and it was time for a donation to be made.
But he started fidgeting and looking for his other
wallet which supposedly had 2 grand in it, HAH.
He did not have the money at all.
I was nice about it and told him that I need some collateral
to hold on to until he came up with the money,
then he offered me a digital camera and a few
other shammy things,
but I told him that I wanted his Apple Notebook.
He gave it to me with no problem
and I guaranteed him that when I got back
from Southern Decadence
we would exchange as long as he had my money.
Four days later I get back from Decadence
which was amazing(working on the post now),
and gave him a call like I said I would.
He told me that he had the money and to meet him
whenever my schedule allowed me to
I met him about an hour later back at his condo with his laptop,
and I sit the computer on the couch beside him.
He walks into the next room to get the money and…..
The next thing I know security walks in the room
and my client comes in from the other room
and he tells them to have me removed.
I get thrown out of the Sequoia in NYC.
I was sooo pissed.
So he got his laptop and a massage, free!
So for all the other escorts out there,
if you get a phone call from a guy on
on 14th St. in NYC
don’t even chance it.
The funny thing is that he gave me the login password
and I got in and took the serial number and called apple.
I told them that Vince Nelson was my uncle
and that he just gave me his laptop.
They changed everything on his account to my real name.
Afterwards , I changed all of the passwords on his computer,
which I would have changed back but I forgot to,
so he cant login unless he has it.
Now the only way for him to get back into his computer
is to use the startup disk and restore the computer
to the way it was when he got it.
Losing all of his pictures and videos that he said he edited for a living.
I placed a report with apples security department
stating that my computer was
stolen and they locked the account.
The only thing that I get out of this
is a more understanding of how the escort world works.
There is a HIGH risk, for a HIGH return.