Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My time in NYC!

First of all, this city is beautiful and
so ugly at the same time.
I just did my first international
calendar shoot the other day
which went amazing!! The pictures
turned out GrEaT! I finally got to catch
up with the amazing SEAN from,
he's such a great guy! I've been spending the
majority of my time with Brandon Baker who
we all know is the best mess anyone could ever
ask for. :) I got to see the statue of liberty for
the first time, eat PinkBerry for the first time,
get lost on 129th, got a macbook pro (LOL),
and went to a straight bar! But the best part
and most memorable experience was the
feeling that ran through my heart when
I saw Ground Zero. Oh and I have proof
of Brandon Baker's sick :)
addiction to twitter...
I have plenty of events coming up for this month,
Oh and one more thing, a lot of people
were saying that they misunderstood my
last blog entry about me and MJ.
To make things MORE
clearer than they were put,
Mj is a great guy and I love him to death,
I would never say anything bad about him
and he will always be a big part of my heart,
but he and I are just two completely
different people.
Im Looking forward to Hustlaball 2009 October 11th, I heard some plans today for it and it's going to be a blast!!!