Thursday, September 17, 2009

Spray Tan by Lady Gaga's Airbrush designer:)

I head to the Rentboy HQ in NYC and in the taxi i see a commercial for Beach Bum tanning salon on the same street as the RBHQ. I go there an tell them I want to get a spray tan and I was asked if I was opne of lady gagas dancers. I go to the back and get prepped. about thirty minutes into the spray tan, the guy tells me about how he is the one that did lady gagas spray tan for the VMA's and two of her dancers were coming in later for an appointment as well.  My appointment took about an hour and he did an amazing job. He hand brushed every indention of my body, did a toner and then did a couple of coats tan. He told me he did the same style to me as he did to lady gaga. After its done he hands me his card and says "if you have any cancellations, call me!" The spray tan was free and I booked a massage client as well.  Oh and at the hotel im staying at all of these guy models are here for fashion week and every night is a private parrty, there were so many sexy-ass long haired models standing outside my hotel. I dont think I could choose just one:):):) New york is amazing.
I am throwing my own Rentboy Party here in New York in a couple of weeks, "Jason Pitt's Night out!" I'll update with more later:) Have fun and be safe! <3 JP