Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Funniest Nightmare...

I had like the oddest dream last night.. Okay, Brandon Baker and I are at this Diner and all of a sudden this Gang walks in and starts taking people to this room and killing them, We cant move for some reason. After about 10 or so people, we are the last people in the place amd this gang member comes over to our table and grabs brandon by the arm, and we both start screaming. (its crazy LOL) They take him to this room and then come out, smile at me and then leave. I was the only person left in this place. I walk in the room that they murdered Brandon and all of these people in and there are bodies everywhere up against the wall, but in the middle of the floor, was a napkin, with a little blue pill on it and brandon nowhere to be found. I dont get this dream at all but I think that Brandon Baker's body is supposed to be represented by this little pill of MDMA! LOL, I know, its crazy! Just thought I'd share this story.