Friday, September 11, 2009

MudHoney Hair Salon NYC

My last day in Southern Decadence about 5 hours before my flight, I decided that it would be an awesome idea to go and buy a box of hair dye and just throw it on my head. But for some reason, like being tired or something, I try to make my entire head the lightest of all blondes!! I washed it out and not only was my ends fried but my hair was orange. I cried! So I run over to the CVS, which I was suprised was open that early, and bought some black temporary hairspray because I just couldnt be seen like that at an airport! I tried it, and got it all over myself and had to jump in the shower to get it all off. So I just said FUCK it and washed the black out of my hair. I arrive in NY and Sean from Rentboy was so kind to schedule me an appointment at the best place in the world, MUD HONEY SALON, on sullivan st, where Jenny, so cute, fixed me up! I have never been into a salon like this before, it was so... I cant even explain it. If you are ever in NY and want a BOMB ass haircut or color, go there. Here is a picture of a big ass picture that was behind me when I was getting my life altered:)

The outcome of my hair was amaing and looks even better now that Ive gotten used to it. Ill post some pictures soon. Oh, and there is this really cool band here called Princess Tiny and the Meats! Check them out!

There was this guy that works at the salon who has like the perfect ass by the way. SOOO HOTT!